Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

It was quite a weekend at the Brown household!

I went to the dentist.  No cavities for me!  They also used this new ultrasonic cleaning brush that shoots jets of water at your teeth to get them really clean and stain free.

I got a new fun color on my nails.
It's called OPI's "Big Hair, Big Nails" from the Texas collection. In person it's a lot more pink than bright orange, but it's still pretty neon and fun.

I also made a fruit cocktail cake.  I originally saw the recipe on America's Test Kitchen on PBS (nerd alert!) and since I don't cook in a bow tie or have tons of time to do random tests, I doctored it a bit.  I used a box pineapple cake mix and it turned out pretty well.
It's not very pretty, but KB seems to like it and almost half is already gone.

I was also on the lookout for a new computer this weekend.  This weekend is tax-free weekend in NC and I'm thinking about scoring a new computer for cheap.  We're still rocking the IBM ThinkPads circa 2005 compliments of UNC Chapel Hill.  They were good while they lasted, but I think 6 years is about all you can get out of a laptop.  KB's makes a funny noise and mine is just really slow.

I got a few new books from the library too.  I'm reading this one now:
It's a pretty easy read (it was in the "young adult" section) and the story is pretty interesting.  Basically, rich older people get some type of virus where they can't have babies and they pay teenagers to have babies for them.

What did you get into this weekend?


  1. I picked up Bumped at the library Saturday morning and finished it the same day!! Definitely a quick read!

  2. I really like the nail color and the cake looks so yummy! Sounds like a good weekend, minus the dentist!


  3. too funny. Mr.P's UNC laptop finally bit the dust. God bless the thinkpad. I also got that book from the library, but haven't looked at it yet.

  4. Love that color on your nails! And your ring is absolutely gorgeous, by the way!