Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts on a ......Friday!

Thursday got a little crazy, so my thoughts are on Friday this week.

-This little girl was a sick one yesterday.
Rosa had a very upset stomach yesterday morning and Wednesday night and was generally just not looking good.  At that point we were still pretty sure she had eaten KB's wedding ring, so I decided to call the vet to get her a Friday morning appointment.  The vet told me to rush her in immediately and not wait until Friday because if something was "obstructing" her it could escalate quickly.  KB took her into the vet and an x-ray, loads of tests and $200 later we have found out that Rosa didn't eat the ring (or it's already passed) and that she has a sensitive stomach.  She'll be eating chicken and rice for the next 2 weeks.  What a spoiled little brat!

-I'm off work today...yippee!  My office normally closes at noon this weekend due to a big music festival that closes all the streets around our office downtown.  I have a dentist appointment today (my first one in 2 years...yikes!) and am planning on getting some good library books.

-I'm planning on getting my haircut tomorrow (if I can get an appointment) and I'm going for something like this:
My hair is really straight, so I feel like it needs some body with layers or something.  I'm also going to try out a new stylist tomorrow.  Here goes nothing!

-Seriously, how hard is it to find one of these?

My mother-in-law's birthday was on Tuesday and she wants a lighted makeup mirror.  At this point I've been to 2 CVS's, a Target and a Sally Beauty Supply and no one has had them.  I'm starting to think they don't even make them anymore.

What are your thoughts on a Friday?


  1. i have a lighted mirror! she can have it if she wants it. i'll bring it down this weekend if you want me to.

  2. I can't belive you've had such a time finding one of those mirrors! I feel like I have one somewhere as well, but definitely don't use it. Hmmm....

    Love the new hair idea, and can't wait to see it :)

    Hope Miss. Rosa is feelimng better by now. Louis had an upset tummy a few months ago and it wa terribly worrisome. chicken & rice for a few weeks had him as good as new!