Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recipe Review: Lasagna Soup

I got a lot of questions about this recipe when I posted it on my Menu Sunday run down, so I decided to do a Recipe Review on it.

Overall this recipe was pretty easy and tasted okay.  I didn't exactly follow the directions though, so that may be why it wasn't as glorious as the picture above makes it look.

First of all, I didn't use any meat.  I was expecting to have some left over pasta sauce from last night's dinner, but it didn't happen.  The spaghetti squash was a hit and we ended up eating the rest of it for lunch today.

Here's my meatless tomato paste/onion base.  From there, I added in the basic tomato products and let it cook while we took the dogs for a walk (and entertained KB's grandparents who decided to drop in unannounced).  When I came back it smelled wonderful and I added in the lasagna noodles.  The recipe says to not let them cook too long, but I'm not sure I cooked them long enough.  They were still a bit al dente.

You were also supposed to make a ricotta/parmesan mix to put in the bottom of the bowl, but I'm not a huge ricotta fan.  I ended up putting a white american cheese single in the bottom of the bowl....classy.

Overall it was good, but not great.  I think most of that was my fault for not following the directions.


  1. That looks like it would be so good!! I am a sucker for lasagna. I also don't really like ricotta so I see how that could mess things up. Thanks for sharing! xox

    Come Visit Soon!

  2. Thanks for the review on the recipe. I might just give it a try.