Sunday, November 6, 2011


KB lovingly informed me today that "he" signed up to bring broccoli casserole to his company's Thanksgiving pot luck.  This means that I will be making said broccoli casserole.  I've never made broccoli casserole.  I don't really like broccoli casserole.  KB doesn't even really like broccoli casserole.  I'm never really sure of his logic.

Any suggestions?

Possible contenders include:


  1. I think KB will totally be the company's Thanksgiving rock star if you make the last one. It even looks like it has a dusting of snow on it . . .like the holidays!

  2. i've got grammer's recipe if your arteries can stand it.

  3. I have never really heard of broccoli casserole before. The only thing I make with broccoli is broccoli in cheese with with ritz cracker topping. xo

  4. i hate broccoli and broccoli hates me. what a gross choice KB. a dessert would have been way more fun. or mac & cheese.
    BUT for people who like broccoli, i would go with grammer's recipe. you know it will be full of fatty deliciousness.

  5. broccoli casserole? i would be curious to know how your husband got ot the pick where that was what he signed up for, was it assigned or what the heck? well enjoy your baking ventures!!