Sunday, November 6, 2011

Menu Sunday

Here's what the Browns will be eating this week:

Mon: Carmelized Baked Chicken with mashed potatoes

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I love a good baked chicken recipe.  Most of the time they are really easy and I don't even have to think about it.  I also made some really good mashed potatoes to go with yesterday's pot roast that I'm going to heat up as a side dish.

Tues: Slow Cooker Vegetable Barley Soup

I have a random box of barley in my pantry left over some beef and barley soup I made in the spring.  I don't think it ever really goes bad, but not that many recipes use barley.  I was excited to find one (and it's also in the crock pot...double score!).  I forgot to get a rutabaga at the store, but we may have a few turnips ready in KB's mini test food plot in the back yard.  These are supposed to be for deer and turkeys, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Wed: Pizza Pull Apart Bread from last week

I never got around to making the pizza pull apart bread from last week.  I forgot to get pizza dough at the grocery store and I was too lazy to make my own.  Pizza also sounds a lot better this week than it did last week.  I'm finally over the food poisoning/e.coli/stomach virus from hell.

Thurs: Bacon and Egg Sandwiches

I've been on a breakfast for dinner kick recently.  I'm normally not a huge fan of breakfast for dinner, but for some reason bacon and eggs sound really good all the time now.  I have a leftover package of bacon in the freezer from some random buy one get one free sale and I always have eggs.  I also scored some homemade whole wheat bread that I'm going to use to make egg McMuffin type sandwiches with some aged cheddar.  I could seriously eat one right now just thinking about it.  Mmmmmmmmm.....

What goodies will you be eating this week???

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