Sunday, November 20, 2011

Menu Sunday

This week is a little weird in the Brown household.  Thanksgiving, KB's off work and hunting everyday, lots of random cooking to the recipes are going to be a little lackluster.  Get ready.

Mon: Mexican Corn Dip

I love all kinds of dips and anything Mexican, so this should be a winner.  I'm also going to try to space out my Thanksgiving cooking, so I'll probably make one of those dishes on this night too.

Tues: Cheesy Vegetable Chowder

I'll probably be making this in a regular soup pot and not my crock pot...shocker!  I have some crab I may add in since it was majorly on sale at the grocery store.  I'm also interested in using up some turnips.  KB's grandparents gave us a ton yesterday so I'm looking for ways to use them.

Wed:  Thanksgiving meals.  I'm not cooking because I have other cooking to do.  Like these...

What will you be eating this Thanksgiving week?


  1. vegetable chowder sounds amazing. I don't even know if I will be having Thanksgiving this week. The boy is out of town working for the next week and I don't think I will be headed back to Michigan so who knows what will happen this week lol. xo

  2. This year we have two traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinners to attend on Thursday. And then on Friday we're having our immediate families over for a post-Black-Friday-shopping brunch! I'm so excited to be able to try out a bunch of fun recipes I've found on Pinterest.

  3. i will be eating lots of turkey, rolls, cranberry relish two kinds, my family and then my husband's family and then watching movies and being lazy until the next day when we take a long hike to work all of that food off of us!