Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Stuff

It's been a busy Saturday....

Obviously this isn't me....because I'm not a dude.  I'm also not an Olympic caliber skeet shooter, but I did get some practice in today.  I never shot the all.  Even when the target was a piece of cardboard and I was shooting a .22 pistol from 10 feet away.  KB's family always shoots guns the afternoon after Thanksgiving dinner, so I think KB is just trying to make me a little better so we have a chance of beating his brother and his girlfriend this year.

Made my own pumpkin spice coffee creamer from here.

I also made some pumpkin spice syrup, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

I also made these pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Meg at Henning Love.  They are oh so delicioso.

I combined everything into a nice little snack for KB.  He said everything was delicious.  It took me all day to make everything, so he is a very smart boy for lying to me if it wasn't.

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  1. you and kb are so cute. all of the pumpkin stuff you made looks delicious. i have no food.