Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

It's time for my Thoughts on a Thursday...

  • I've been asked by more than a few people what I want for Christmas already.  It's barely November and I'm already having to think about this.  So far the only thing I know that I really want is a monogrammed necklace.  I like the ones from Moon&Lola but they are so huge.  I don't want to wear some huge gold scrolly thing all the time.  I like these:
I could get the "Lucky" replaced with my monogram and have pennies for the year I was born and the year we got married.  It's a thought.  Other than that I have no idea.

  • It's been so chilly here this week and for the most part of the week I was subsisting on saltines so I've been drinking lots of tea.  I used to drink tea all the time, but then I got my Keurig and moved into coffee.  I've been downing this with lots of honey recently....
It's the bomb.  It could also be why I've been in bed by 9 every night this week (and by 8:30 last night).  Even KB is starting to make fun of me.

  • Speaking of KB - he is just the best boy around.  He took care of me even when I was a puking, crying mess (multiple times!) and to top it all off he's a super hottie.  Lucky me!
I tried really hard to find a picture that didn't have a dead animal in it. Unfortunately really the only ones are at our wedding.  I figured a fish was better than a bloody deer, squirrel, coyote, bobcat, bear, turkey, etc.

What are your thoughts today?


  1. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I start early to get the best deals and in order to not spend a huge chunk of money at once. xo

  2. I am really really wanting a monogram necklace myself. I have had this one from Etsy on my favorites forever!

  3. Oh, I can't even begin to think of Christmas gift ideas yet. My brain doesn't go there until Thanksgiving is past. And then it's always a mad rush to get all my gifts. If I was smart, I'd start sooner...but I guess I'm not. Love that necklace though. I got an initial necklace this summer from Beau & Stella ( and I love it.