Saturday, December 3, 2011

Randomo Saturday

There's a lot of random things going on this Saturday.....

We watched this last night.

No wonder Mark Zuckerberg was so pissed off when this came out - he's a complete ahole in the movie.  I felt really sorry for Eduardo.  I hope he made lots of money in his "undisclosed settlement".  KB seemed to really like it - especially the Winklevoss twins.  KB is pretty much as un-Winklevoss as you can be so that was a shocker.

I finally ordered our Christmas cards this morning.  I couldn't find a really good picture and I felt bad leaving Pancho and Rosie off, but I felt like it didn't really make sense to list them if they weren't in the picture.  If you want one leave me a comment - we don't have enough real life friends to use up the 25 I got free.

Aren't we sweet?  Uhhh not really.

Little Rosie is sick again and I've spent all weekend cleaning up nasty unmentionables from my carpet.  She has an "upset stomach" again, which she gets it seems like every other week now.  She's feeling better now that we've pumped her full of some antibiotics and cooked chicken cubes.  Luckily my sister has a carpet cleaner or I'd be screwed.

We're going to a 50th anniversary party today for KB's great aunt and uncle.  50 years is over twice as long as I've been alive.  Hopefully KB and I can sustain this for 50 years:

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  1. I hope I'm getting one of those lovely Christmas cards to show off on my fridge!