Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Randoms

Here are some random things for Saturday.

I've been really craving chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies recently.  I'm not normally a huge fan of these and I can't even rememver the last time I had them.  I made them a few nights ago and they were amazing.  KB and I ate the whole pan in one sitting.  I made these chocolate overnight oats today.  Hopefully they'll be like a healthier version of no bake cookies.

Our home buying process is making me stress through the roof.  The bank still hasn't approved our loan and probably won't until April 3rd or 4th.  We are scheduled to close on the 29th.  The sellers will be out of town from the 30th to April 15th.  Great.  They gave us an extension on due diligence but not closing and we have to pay an extra $1000 in due diligence fees.  Our lease is also up on our current place at the end of March.  We're hoping that we can stay for one more week, but if we can't we'll be staying with KB's parents.....and driving over an hour to work every day.  I pretty much hate my life right now.  If this falls through we will be out over $5k and won't have anywhere to live.  Home buying sucks I highly DON'T recommend it!  No wonder that industry is in the toilet.  Everyone working in it is an idiot.

Due to my high levels of stress my diet has consisted of mainly junk.  Last night I ate oreos and milk for dinner.  In the past two days I've eaten a whole bag of these.  Don't judge they are delicious.

I've been reading a lot recently to try to take my mind off of all my issues.  I've read these so far.  They were okay. KB's mom gave me "The Shack" and "Kisser".  "The Shack" is pretty Jesus-y (maybe she's trying to tell me something) and "Kisser" is a really easy read.  I also read the Pioneer Woman's book.  I'm not a huge Pioneer Woman fan.  Growing up on a farm at lot of what she does is really unrealistic.  Let's face it - if you are a regular farmer's family without a blog empire you can't just stay at home and be wonderfully home schooled domestic.  Newsflash farming is not investment banking and Marlboro Man is not bringing home the bacon....or the steak....or whatever.

I went to my first thrift store today and loved it!  If we weren't semi homeless right now I would have totally bought a few things.  I found some Spode and Waterford for $2.  There was also this really awesome vintage couch for $100, but KB hated it and I'm not sure where we would put it in our new house.  I'm now on the hunt for creepy thrift stores to hit up.

What's going on in your Saturday???


  1. I feel for you my friend, closing on a house is a nightmare! Hpe things get worked out soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about the stress of house-buying. That's definitely one of the reasons why we will probably never buy a house. :)

    I can't believe you just went to your very first thrift store, which reminds me that I've got a post idea for thrift store shopping.

  3. I'm sending good thoughts that you home buying and closing will go smoothly. I know it's super stressful.