Monday, July 30, 2012

Menu Monday

It's time for another Menu Monday post - link up with Rachel to play along.

Here's what we'll be eating this week:

Mon: Slow Cooker Ham and White Beans with Cornbread

I love beans and ham cooked together all day. They taste like heaven. I also really like to take sweet cornbread and crumble it up in there to make this weird bready, beany, hammy stew. Sounds gross....tastes great.

Tues: Pizza Quesadillas

I was going to make this last week, but we just ended up eating leftover one night so I didn't get to. These look easy and cheesy and delicious.

Wed: Easy Tin Foil Fish and Veggies

We've been eating this a lot this summer. It's so easy and quick that it's really no trouble at all to make. It also tastes really good (if you like lemon). I had to buy some tilapia this time though because we're out of trout in the freezer and KB was less than productive on his beach fishing trip.

Thurs: Pesto, Tomato, Bacon and Mozzarella Paninis

I splurged and got really good bread for these sandwiches so I have very high hopes! KB is not a huge pesto fan, so I'll probably just make his without it, but I'm planning to pile it on mine. I love pesto.

Bonus Recipe: Lazy Cake Cookies

I made these yesterday and they are super easy and really good (if you like soft cookies). I made mine with Team USA M&Ms (they were red, white and blue) and they taste like a giant cookie cake. How patriotic.

What goodies will you be eating this week???

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  1. cornbread in the slow cooker? i have never heard of making it in it but will have to try. and i love fish on lemon slices. that would be my favorite meal of the week