Monday, September 10, 2012

Menu Monday

Here's what we're noshing on this week...

Mon: Easy Chicken Bake (recipe in Pin)

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I am making this now and it smells wonderful! This looks really easy and like it would taste really good. I cut the chicken called for in the recipe in half and doubled the veggies. I'm also using sweet potatoes instead of new potatoes. I had a bunch of sweet potatoes left over from last week, so hopefully they don't taste too weird with italian dressing on them.

Tues: Crock Pot Red Beans and Rice

I've made a similar recipe to this in the past and it was really good. I've been going to the Aldi because it's super cheap, but they don't always have all the ingredients I need. I'll be substituing canned beans instead of dried ones in this recipe. I'm planning on washing them a lot so they aren't super salty and cooking on the lowest setting all day.

Wed: Deer Steak with Roasted Cabbage Wedges

I had planned to make these cabbage wedges earlier, but never got around to it. They look really good and I really love cabbage. We're having them with some deer steak. Deer season started today here, so I'm thinking soon we'll need that room in the freezer.

Thurs: Freezer food

Because hopefully soon we'll need lots of freezer space, we're eating some freezer food.  We'll either be eating lentil soup or white beans and ham stew.  Either one will be delicious!

What will you be eating this week???

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