Thursday, October 11, 2012


I decided to do a little post ala Katie Perk.

Listening...SkyFall by Adele.  I love me some James Bond movies and songs.  This one sounds especially 60s esque.

Eating...a pear with a sharp cheddar cheese stick.  Perfection. antioxidant green tea with strawberries and hibiscus.  Fancy.
Wearing.....brown dress pants and flats, a white t shirt, blue pashmina and fun cameo necklace from the Shabby Apple.
Feeling... Confused.  My wedding ring broke in half and I lost some of the diamonds.  I'm trying to figure out whether to fix or it just start over.  I'm meeting with a jeweler later today.
Weather.....Chilly, but sunny.
Needing...a haircut.  I'm still trying to grow my hair out to be really long, but it's getting skanky looking.  I feel like I look like Trishelle from the Real World with black hair. leave work now.  Mitt Romney is speaking right next door to our office.  I'm leaving at lunch, but I'm sure the crazies (on both sides) will be out in force by then.  I got stuck in traffic when Joe Biden was here last week for over an hour.  Seriously people, Asheville is one of the most liberal towns in the nation - I think we all know who's going to carry it.
Thinking....that my husband is very cute.  KB is such a super hottie.  I'm a very lucky lady.
Enjoying....that I'm going to get a lot of errands ran this afternoon before leaving work.  I have to stop by the library, the jeweler, the tax office and the post office.  Luckily I work downtown and can walk to all of these.


  1. minus the liberal crazies...walking downtown asheville today sounds fun and peaceful. i need to get to work so i can leave early to stop by target and oldnavy before my meeting.

  2. Your snack sounds delightful. And treschelle hair is never good! That reminds me I need to tune into the train wreck that is the new challenge on mtv. My tv preferences are high quality.

  3. I have never tried pears with cheese! I will do that. Good luck with the jeweler!!!

  4. oh man that sucks about your wedding ring. hope you get that figured out! and pear/cheese sounds interesting.... haven't tried that.

    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May