Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Randoms...

It's been a random week.

It snowed on Monday and Tuesday, so going to work was weird because no one was there. Then it was Halloween and everyone was jacked up. We only got one trick or treater and it was really late. I was messing around with KB (in the biblical sense) when our neighbor kid stopped by for some Jolly Ranchers. Needless to say it was a bit awkward. That should teach us for leaving our porch light on during Halloween.

I did score these yesterday off of Craigslist....

I got them for $30 for both - what a steal! I'm hoping to pick them up tomorrow if I can ever track this lady down. Hopefully she doesn't flake out on me.

I'm planning on cleaning them up and then painting them black or dark brown. We have a black bench on our front porch now, so I want something that will match with that. Something like this...

I also ordered a steam mop last week and I should have it when I get home this afternoon. I got it off of Amazon for only $25, so hopefully it doesn't crap out on me right after I get it. The reviews seemed like it was a pretty good one. It's a Sharper Image one.

I've never had a steam mop before, but hopefully it helps with the pee smell in our basement.

I painted my nails a matte black color yesterday. I feel like a real goth today.

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