Friday, December 28, 2012

Break It Out

After a long and much needed break I am back!

Christmas was a bit lackluster due to the fact that I only got the bare minimum off of work and had to travel to everywhere to spend it with everyone in mine and KB's extended families.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but packing it all into 2 days is a bit much.  Hopefully next year I'll either have more time off work or we can work out some sort of alternate arrangement with a few of the more extended family members.

This is how I feel right now:

Stay tuned for some fun updates on our house, my upcoming juice cleanse, treadmill buying and other fun news!


  1. yaaaay you're back! we bought a treadmill in january of last year off craigslist. it is gym quality and we paid $500. i definitely suggest craigslist over buying one new. although this time of year everyone probably thinks they are going to start using theirs again. myself included. i have used it some, but of course not as daily as i would have hoped. it is just so boring!

    i'm very interested in that copycat juice cleanse thing i found on pinterest. i make what i call "green drinks" but i always just use my blender and "drink" all the fiber. i am curious to research why juice cleanses don't use the fiber parts of the veggies/fruits.

    even though we only have to travel a maximum of 20 minutes to see all the family, i'm also glad Christmas is over.

  2. I wish my husbands family would let us come after Christmas because they only live two hours away and my family is four hours away so the traveling and amount of time seeing each other just runs me down. xx