Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girls Make Passes at Guys in Glasses

Or I do now!

The lovely folks at Firmoo offered me a pair of glasses to review and I gladly took them up on their offer.  Being my perfect self I don't wear glasses, but KB is pretty unlucky in the eye department.  He is supposed to wear contacts, but doesn't want to forgets to wear them.  They say they hurt his eyes and it's just not work wearing them.  His insurance company doesn't cover glasses, only contacts, so he's been putting off getting glasses for a while.

Since he wasn't moving on getting them, I thought I'd take care of it.  Luckily for me Firmoo offers a thingy where you can upload your own photo to see what they would look like on your face.  I uploaded KB's photo and decided on these....

Sorry...fun photo of them on KB's computer face not included.

Once I figured out what I wanted the checkout process was also really easy.  I've never had glasses before so I don't really know what all of the numbers mean.  Once I realized that I would actually have to use KB's numbers and not just type in some random stuff, the FAQ section was really helpful.  I called KB's eye doctor's office and after what I'm sure is at least a few HIPAA violations I had KB's prescription.

The glasses got here a few days later and voila!

In action!

They came with a good hard case, a cleaning cloth and some extra screws.

Rawr!  This girl will definitely be making passes at this guy in glasses.

You can get a fun pair of glasses too!  Firmoo is introducing a First Pair Free Program.  You can get your own glasses for free and just pay shipping.  There are tons of fun styles and they are updated pretty frequently.

You can hook your own man up with some fun glasses.

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