Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Monday

Here's the rundown of what we'll be eating this week...

Mon: Big Huge Salad

There's no picture for this one.  It's just a big salad from all of the random vegetables and toppings I can find in the fridge.

I really like meatloaf, but KB is not a big fan at all. He does really like buffalo flavored things, so hopefully this can sway him. I'm actually really excited about this meal. Recently all I've wanted is buffalo flavored things.

Wed: Hot Ham Dips

I love hot sandwiches like this and Mo'Betta is an awesome cook - so I know this will be good! I'll probably be serving this with some greens since we have a ton of them still.

Thurs: Breakfast Pizza

Recently besides only wanting buffalo flavored things I also really have been wanting an egg McMuffin. I haven't had an egg McMuffin in years. This kinda reminds me of an egg McMuffin but in pizza form. I also saw in the comments where you could use crescent rolls for the dough.

What goodies will you be eating this week???

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