Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Randoms

It's been a busy week around here with lots of work going on.  My new job is taking off in a big way.  They are definitely getting their money's worth!

Here's some random things going on with me.

I just don't like yoga.  I've tried to make it work for me and I just can't do it.  I'm not flexible, I can't "quiet my mind" and I just don't feel like it gives me a good workout.  I know that none of these things are supposed to matter in yoga and that's why it's so great, but the fact that I can't do it just ends up pissing me off.

KB put up a bird feeder outside of my office window over the weekend and it's been really neat.  I've seen a lot of birds really up close.  This morning I also saw a hawk take out a squirrel that was eating on it.  Needless to say there hasn't been any more squirrels on it today.

On the same bird nerd note, when I was walking the dogs today I saw a whole flock of bluebirds.  It was magical.  I just stood there and watched them for a while.  Then Pancho got antsy and started barking at them and they flew away.

KB's birthday is on Tuesday.  He won't tell me what he wants, but did say last night that he wanted to try out wood burning as a hobby.  Wood burning?  I didn't even know that was a thing. He says he wants to make a sign for our house saying who lives here.  My grandma has a sign.  His grand parents have a sign.  I think I see a trend here.

I'm planning on getting my yard ready for spring this weekend, but it's supposed to rain almost all weekend.  I ordered a bunch of flowers this week, so I've got to get my yard in shape before it's too late.  It's rained all week almost - over it!

We're watching chickens for a friend this week and I love them!  They are so funny and pretty easy to take care of.  I've gotten 5 blue eggs already.  They are little and pretty.   I just want to look at them and not eat them.

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  1. Chris Freytag has a good yoga routine. I think it's part of that 10 pound slimdown series. It feels more like a workout and she doesn't do that meditation junk.