Monday, February 25, 2013

Menu Monday

I got a flat tire on my way to the grocery store (luckily I was still in my driveway and KB could fix it), so I didn't have much time to plan/go.  This week's menu is a little lackluster.....but I have a fixed tire and working car, so that wins.

Mon: Breakfast for Dinner

We're going to have more than just these, but these will be the star.  Tomorrow is KB's birthday and since tax time is right around the corner, he'll be working 80+ hours from now until the end of March.  These are not my personal fave, but whatever.  I'm also going to be making eggs, toast and bacon to go with them.

Tues: Slow Cooker Balsamic Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Tuesday is KB's birthday, so I'm going to make him something really good. He loves meat and pot roasts and stuff, but I'm normally too cheap/lazy to cook them. I'm actually going to be using pork (hope it turns out) because Wal-Mart was having a major sale on some pork roasts. He's also getting a birthday cake. He always asks for yellow cake out of a box and chocolate frosting out of a can. Can't argue with that.

Wed: Freezer Food

We have tons of food in the freezer and I might go to an exercise class after work.  Looks like it's pinto beans/collard green and black eyed pea soup/random Mexican food casserole for dinner.

Thurs: Breakfast Pizza

I don't normally repeat recipes, but this one was really good (and really easy). It's another breakfast food, but it doesn't really taste like one. The key is the cream cheese on the crust - it makes it so creamy and smooth.


Easter Egg Bread

Since we watched chickens last week we now have a ton of eggs. I was planning on making this over the weekend to leave at the house we were watching, but I watched a whole season of Girls instead. Go me.


  1. Your week always looks so delicious. Love breakfast for dinner... maybe that's what I will do tonight - yeah still suck at planning lol. xx

  2. we do breakfast suppers pretty regularly. I have that breakfast pizza pinned, you have convinced me that I need to make it asap!