Monday, March 11, 2013

Menu Monday

Here's what we'll be eating on this week....

Mon: Corn Chowder from a cookbook I have

I'm not going to be here for dinner because I have a hot dinner date with some lovely ladies so I'm going to thrown this soup in the Crock Pot for KB to eat when he gets home.  He's been working a lot recently because of tax season, so there's no telling when he will actually get home to eat.  This recipe is a pretty normal corn chowder recipe....I'm sure you can find it on the Internet if you really want it.

Tues: Turkey Pesto Sliders

These look so good. My grandmother used to make little sandwiches like this sometimes with ham and swiss cheese and they were so amazing. I loved them. I've tried to make them before and they just didn't turn out the same. I'm hoping this recipe is a little closer. The onion glaze that goes on top of them looks amazing.

Wed: Cheesy, Chicken and Black Bean Bake

I'm going to be leaving out the chicken and recplacing it with double the black beans. We used to not eat meat very often for dinner (maybe once or twice a week) and I'm trying to get back to that. This looks pretty good and easy (especially since I don't have to cook the chicken).

Thurs: Tomato, Avocado, Onion Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Besides eating meat too much, we've also been lacking on eating salads for dinner. I really like avocados and onions, so I would probably eat this without the dressing on it, but the dressing looks really good too. KB is not a fan of onions so I'll probably leave those off of his.

What will you be eating this week???


  1. Those sliders look so good! I made homemade pizza last night and a yummy salad with avocado tomatoes and black beans.

  2. Basically I want to eat dinner at your house every night this week.

  3. Yum-o! THe chicken black bean bake looks yummy!


  4. i could eat an entire pan of those sandwiches. i made the mexican rice thing but used ground beef and normal yogurt. pretty good but i could have done with a little more creaminess. and i added some spices. i think it would be better had i just followed the recipe...

  5. Those sandwiches look amazing. The ham & swiss ones are pretty darn good too, I think I have made them once.