Friday, March 22, 2013


  • I have been listening to this remix during my workouts every morning this week.  I can't get it out of my head.

  • We're in the process of getting our kitchen redone (very early stages) and I have to pick out the granite for the counter tops, the wood floor and the tile, tile for the back splash and the new appliances before they get started.  So many decisions.

We are keeping our oak cabinets since they aren't that old and are still in good shape.  I'm thinking Uba Tuba granite (black with some gold flecks) and slate tile for the backsplash, but in a subway tile type shape.  Ugh - decisions are so hard.  I'm also going with black appliances since I'm not a huge fan of stainless steel.

For the floor, we're probably just going to do some sort of distressed oak or maple floor.

  • In keeping with the updated kitchen look - I started a thread on Houzz to get ideas.  People are so weird!  The thread turned into some lady talking about her Maine Coon cat and she got offended when I said "Oh aren't those the ones that are huge?".  Apparently hers is "just a petite little girl and NOT huge".  Come one people.  I don't need cat feedback.  Just tell me what color my drawer pulls should be.

  • I'm so over the snow.  It snowed here yesterday and it was so cold that even though the sun shone all day it still didn't melt.  It's still there.  Gross.  Where is spring?

  • We're getting ready to book our fall trip with my in-laws.  We're either staying here...

Or here....

I'm voting for the first one, but I have a feeling Mama Brown will have the final word.  We're hoping to maybe go down into Guatemeala or Belize for a little bit while we are there, that of course if KB doesn't get sick the whole time like he did last time.  Montezuma meant business.


  1. Umm. I want to be on that beach STAT.
    House decisions are so hard. Seriously. I like the way it sounds so far!!

  2. black appliances are the new stainless so you are ahead of the game. i would probably go with oilrubbed bronze for hardware. brushed nickel would also look good i think but you don't like stainless so you probably don't like that either. maine coons have no ears right? cat people.
    anywhere warm sounds fabulous. it even snowed HERE yesterday. ridiculous. it didn't stick though.

  3. oh gosh, either of those 2 places sounds amazing to stay!!