Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pot Luck of the Draw

My office is hosting its very own Thanksgiving celebration.  I found out on the same day that KB's office will be doing the same.  He lovingly volunteered me to make a "vegetable/salad" for the day without my knowledge.  I think I'll be making something easy, non-refrigerated/non-heated, and delish.

My crazy grandmother's marinated carrots...

We always had these at any family gatherings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.  They are really good.  I would post the recipe, but the crazy grandmother hand wrote it.  Due to this, no exact measurements are given, a random story about how once she fed these to some dog they had and it almost died takes up about half the page, and there is a large grease stain at the top (she made a note to tell me that she was eating a peanut butter cracker at the time).  Anyway, I've found a pretty similar one at Taste of Home.  It probably won't have as much character or be nearly as entertaining as mine though.


  1. oh my word thats so cute with the peanut butter note and everything like that. I love it!


  2. I love candied carrots!! :D I think they're just carrots in brown sugar sauce, but still. SOOO good. Need to request this for Thanksgiving now.