Saturday, November 13, 2010

News Flash...

I don't like to watch the national news.  It's boring, the news casters are dumb, and honestly even though I work in the ad industry I hate commercials.  At work I'm constantly monitoring CNN and one day all that news stalking paid off.  On Halloween they posted a link to a story about becoming a zombie.  The story was all about how witchpeople in Haiti could make zombies out of ordinary citizens...COUNT ME IN.  Enter

This is quite possibly the best news source ever for things that you probably never wanted to know about.  From Skinny's current life coach Smokahontas Jones to this little gem I found this morning about the president of Uganda busting out some sweet raps, this is some of the weirdest news around.  True they don't cover major breaking stories and some stuff is even too weird for me, but overall who else is going to cover the NY Time's food editor reviewing Four Loko (aka blackout in a can).


  1. You had me at "the president of Uganda busting out some sweet raps."

    I NEED to check out that site now. :O

  2. Yesssssssssssssss, Smokahontas Joooooooooones!

    All kinds of bias were dressed as Four Lokos for Halloween. It was weird.