Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ding Ding Ding

I'm the winner (well was)!  I happened to win a lovely little giveaway from the fabulous Erica over at Fashion Meets Food

I do love some yogurt....and what's better than a Yogurt themed goodie bag!  Inside was some coupons, a pedometer, a wrist wallet and this neat little bag.  I used to have tons of these little freebie bags, but somehow they've all disappeared.  You can never have too many bags.

I also got this pedometer.  I've never used one before, but I'm really interested to see how many steps I take per day, even though it's probably not enough!  Any suggestions for how to use this thing would be greatly appreciated.


  1. That's awesome...I've been wanting to try out a pedometer!

  2. Yay glad you received it! Feb. 1st starts the 14 days of giveaways! :]