Monday, January 24, 2011

Hint, Suggestion, Idea...

I recently got my hands on some of this stuff:

I'm not too sure what to do with it.  It's chocolate dulce de leche.  I haven't tried it, but KB ate it on some ice cream and really liked it.  I'd like to try a cake or cookie recipe with this, but I've never cooked with dulce de leche before.

Even though I haven't tried it, I already love it.  It's got cows on the jar....and it's chocolate.....and it's in Spanish...all of these things make me happy!  The back also tells some story about the cows and how they are milked and stuff.....I grew up on a dairy farm, so this isn't really new, but thinking about the Argentinian cows makes me smile.

I need some ideas to use this....por favor?


  1. I would slop it on top of homemade donuts. Mmm

  2. Have you tried looking on the company website? Even small companies often recipes on their websites. It might be good as a cake glaze though.

  3. How neat is that? Our little cooking class has not ventured into the world of baking, or sweets yet, but you MUST cook something delish with it :) Mmmmm....