Monday, January 31, 2011

Recipe Review: Antipasto Pizza

Two words: absolute deliciousness.  I love all things antipasto....the cheese....the meat....the pickled vegetables, I could eat it for days.  This recipe was really easy and was ready in just about 10 minutes.  This is also a Prevention recipe, so it makes me not feel too guilty to eat more than my fair share.

I played around with the recipe a little bit, but it still turned out delicious and looked a lot like the picture.  I ended up not taking a picture of mine because by the time I got back to the kitchen with my camera, KB had eaten almost half of it already.

Instead of sun dried tomato pesto, my grocery store only had the regular basil kind.  My pizza was a little greener, but still tasted delicious.  I also opted out for the marinated artichokes since I'm not a big fan.  I also added on a little parmesan cheese to the top and it got really crispy and brown.

Overall I would eat this again.....and again.....and again.

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