Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Desperately Seeking Seersucker  gave me the lovely Stylish Blogger Award.

Thanks so much DSS!

Now, here are the rules....

1. link to the blogger(s) who gave the award
2. share 7 facts about yourself
3. pass the award on to 15 ladies

1) KB and I first met in 7th grade math class.  We shared a table together and he liked to flip his retainer out onto our desk and would get spit everywhere.  I actually asked the teacher if I could move because it distracted me (what a nerd!), but she wouldn't let me.  Ahh...young love!

2) We adopted our first shelter dog this year.  Our darling little Pancho (the shelter called him Ziggy) came from an animal rescue organization near where we live.  They had received him just a few days before we adopted him from animal control.  Our little fabulous Panch was a hoardee.  We ended up seeing some photos from where he came from on the news.  Let's just say, he didn't have any feather boas to play in where he came from!

3) The first time I ever saw the college I went to was the first day of orientation.  I went to a pretty big, pretty scary school (rah rah Carolina).   It was a little intimidating knowing that almost every other person and their mom and grandma had either gone there or taken a tour.  Long story short....it worked out, but probably not a smart thing to do.

4) I grew up on a farm!  This is normally my weird fact when people ask about it.  My dad is a dairy farmer and cows have always been in the background of my life (even my wedding).  We got married in my parent's front yard....which is pretty much a cow pasture and it helped give me the name for my blog.

5)  I work in the pharmaceutical industry and am the biggest hypocondriac.  My co-workers make fun of me for thinking I have side effects to the drugs that I market.....but don't take.  Some of this stuff is really scary!

6)  Like most people it seems, I hate talking on the phone and checking my voicemail.  Pretty much the only person that leaves me a voicemail is my grandmother (I'm a dweeb), and I still don't check it.  Talking on the phone is one of the worst things.  I just can't stand it for some reason.

7) I love reality TV shows with a passion and the weirder the better.  If there is a TV show about baby beauty queens, Jersey brides, plastic surgery nightmares or bachelorettes in Alaska, I've seen it....probably multiple times.

Since almost everyone I know has gotten this award it seems, I won't tag anyone again, but check out all of my cool followers.  They're cool enough to like me (7 weird facts and all!).

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  1. enjoyed all your facts! that's so cute that you and the hubs have known each other for so long! the house i grew up in used to be a farm and our neighbors still had some farm animals. what a wonderful experience!