Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer, Sweet Summer

This summer is shaping up to be jam packed with family vacation goodness.

First up, my family's summer vacation in NC.  We'll be spending a week here:

We'll be spending a week in early June basking in the glory that is the coast of NC (with a 2 year old and a 3 year old).  We have an ocean front house this year and it's a much smaller group of us going (possibly just the ladies), so it should be low stress and fun.  We normally don't really do anything and just lay out at the beach all day and ready trashy books or talk about people or look at weird people on the beach.  KB's not a big beach person, so he may come down for a few days and go fishing or something.

3 months later, KB and I will go on his family vacation and spend a week here:

We'll be in Riviera Maya Mexico.  KB's mom got a pretty good deal on the rooms because this will be her 4th time going there.  This trip has all the makings of one I'll never forget.  First up, my grandmother has me convinced that I will be kidnapped by a drug cartel and taken hostage.  I've decided to step my safety game up.  We have a private car taking us from the Cancun airport to the resort (it's about an hour ride).  This is where I'm thinking things will get iffy and I may need pepper spray.  KB thinks I'm crazy...maybe I am.  Second, KB's mom informed me that the beach is "topless friendly" and that if I would like to partake no judgment will be offered.  Let's hope the all inclusive food and alcohol doesn't get the best of me.  Third, I majored in Spanish in college, so I can hablo espanol.  KB's mom says this will come in handy in ordering drinks for us......or when I get kidnapped by the drug cartel. Lastly, KB is not a big beach person.  He's planning on going deep sea fishing or something with his stepdad and one of the other guys going.  This leaves me to hang out (maybe literally on the topless beach) with KB's mom and her friend.  This part is fine....the whining from KB with being sunburned and uncomfortable will be probably get the best of me say...Tuesday, Wednesday.

Let's get to losing those last 30 pounds so we can look smokin'!


  1. Bahaha...I'm laughing so hard about your grandma re: Riviera Maya. My mother said the same things to me when we went, and I just shook my head. Then, when we would leave the resort and there were policia with automatic weapons at the gate I wondered if perhaps there was something to be worried about? We never had a problem though, and we went to Tulum and all over outside of our resort :)

    I'm so jealous of all of your beach time this summer!

  2. Wow. I just don't know which part of the KB family vacay story is the funniest.

  3. what a great summer! you should def go topless, at least for a few minutes and cross it off your list of adventures. i mean why not?

  4. oooh topless friendly! better sunscreen those nips! haha. i would totally do it if i weren't with my in-laws. i am going to try and make it down to the beach with yall this year. it's been too long!

  5. Yay vacations!!

    And nothing says vacay with the inlaws like a topless beach, hahaha. Please don't bring back pictures :)