Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TV is for Me!

Here's what we (mostly I) have been watching lately:

I'm a sucker for an MTV show with a lot of teen angst....enter "I Used to Be Fat".  I actually like to watch this while I'm working out.  It motivates me in a weird "I don't want to be like that" way.  I also have really liked almost all of the trainers on this show.  Normally TV trainers act like they have to be super hard asses to make people respect them, but these trainers are actually nice and seem to care about the participants' futures, not just getting them to their goal weight.

In my own weird little world I would like to look like the ladies from "Jerseylicious" just one day.  For some reason seeing their fake extensions, nails that look like talons, and enough eye makeup to smother a horse puts me into some kind of trance like state.  I could watch this show for hours.....and I hate to admit it, but I DO!

Another weight loss show to keep me motivated.  I watch A&E's "Heavy" while I work out a lot too.  These people are actually sent to a ranch to work with fitness coaches, trainers, psychologists and dietitians.  It still amazes me though that a lot of people on this show end up totally going off "the plan" once they get back home.

I don't really think this is a TV show, but more of a documentary special.  VH1's "Let's Spend the Night Together" is based off of the book from Pamela des Barres.  This dame was apparently a pretty hot commodity in the late '70s.  The documentary was really cool and looked at groupies across all rock and roll eras from Elvis to Ray J.  It was kind of neat to see the older groupies all grown up.

What goodies have you been watching recently?


  1. I have watched bits and pieces of I used to be fat but havent gotten sucked in yet. I can see how it would be great to have on while you are sweating on the treadmill!

    Jerseylicious=awesome. I love a Sunday marathon.

  2. I love a good documentary about groupies.

    I also work out to I used to be fat. It is really motivating.

  3. I love I used to be fat and Jerseylicious! Both very entertaining shows!

  4. Well, we also discovered I Used To Be Fat...and are quite the fans. I just saw Heavy the other night, so I've only seen like 1/2 an episode. Very interesting.

    Jerseylicious...saw it for a brief moment. Couldn't deal with their accents :(

    And finally...this VH1 special of sorts. I'm intrigued!