Sunday, March 20, 2011

Menu Sunday....

This is what the Brown's will be eating this week (I know this is a pretty piss poor recipe list.....but I'm going to be lazy this week and not really cook):

Mon: Easy Beef Stroganoff
        I've actually never made or eaten beef stroganoff (I know shocker!).  Steaks were on sale at the grocery store, so this ended up being a really cheap meal.  I'll be replacing the sour cream with plain greek yogurt, hopefully it'll work.

Tues: What's Shakin' Beany Bacon Soup
         I'm a big fan of Campbell's bean and bacon soup, but not such a big fan of the huge amounts of sodium and calories.  This recipe looks really easy.  Hopefully this will be just like the bean and bacon soup I adore.....but better for me.

Wed: Pizza of some sort
         I've got leftover pizza sauce, pepperonis and mozzarella cheese from the last time I made pizza.  I have to use them before they go bad, so no real recipe for Wednesday!
Thurs: Breakfast sandwiches
          KB's dad gave us a ton of sausage that I need to use.  I love sausage biscuits with cheese and that seems like a good enough dinner for a Thursday night.

Fri:  Something that I don't cook
       Who knows.....maybe hamburgers.....maybe frozen pizza.....maybe something more exciting.

Extras: HG's Upside Down Pineapple Applesauce Cake
          I ended up making this last night and it was que delicioso!  I like Hungry Girl recipes because they are slimmed down versions of everyday food....but they still end up tasting like the real thing.  This cake was very moist and worked well with the pineapple.  You really can't taste the applesauce in this at all.

These are my lame recipes for the week.....what are yours?

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  1. at least you have recipes. i am so bad at planning meals. blaaaaaaaahhh