Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

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  • I am so so sooooo glad that tomorrow is Friday.  Sadly, one of my coworkers died very suddenly and tragically last week and ever since then we have been spread pretty thin with taking care of our clients and work, but also taking care of hers.  We are actually hiring right now (shout out to any project managers in the NC area) so hopefully once someone gets hired and trained it should slow down.
  • I have to go pick up a few things at Sam's Club tomorrow and I'm already sort of excited for the train wreck that it will be.  Sam's is always super super crowded on Friday nights and there are always some of the weirdest people in there.  Last time some old woman told me that I was "beautiful" in the canned meats aisle.
  • This weekend is supposed to be beautiful with highs in the mid 70s......enough said.
  • I'm thinking about starting to bake our own bread on the weekends.  I normally buy a loaf of bread for KB to eat sandwiches for lunch and I've noticed that bread is sort of expensive.  It can't be that hard to make your own bread right?  My mom and grandma do it a lot and theirs always turns out okay.  Any good recipes or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  • Verizon delivered me a new phone today!  I lost my phone last weekend and was due for an upgrade, so the cheapskate in me decided to get the free phone that was offered to me.  At first I really wanted a smartphone, but after talking to people that had them, I don't think I'd use it that much.  I also didn't want to pay $30 for a data package that I probably wouldn't use.  Basically it was a battle with my cool self and my cheap self.....the cheap self won.
What are your thoughts on a Thursday?

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  1. that is so sad about your coworker!! Yay for new phones!