Friday, March 11, 2011

Recipe Review: Lamb, Balsamic and Sundried Tomato Meat Loaf

While my loaf isn't quite as lovely as the one on the recipe it ended up tasting pretty good.  My loaf was a little dry.  I ended up substituting ground chicken for the lamb, but I didn't add in any additional oil to the recipe, so I think the leaner meat ended up making it dry.

This recipe was really simple and the only drawback is the fact that it has to cook for almost an hour.  Due to the balsamic vinegar and the sundried tomatoes it had a really nice salty bite.  The whole reason I made this recipe is because it doesn't have a sauce.  KB refuses to eat meat loaf with any type of sauce on it.  That being said, I think this would be really good with some balsamic vinaigrette baked on top of it.


  1. Love it

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  2. yummy! I love balsamic vinaigrette!

  3. I don't like sauces very much myself, and I cannot STAND katsup. I wonder if this meatloaf is one that I would actually like??? I need to give it a try :)