Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recipe Review: What's Shakin' Beany Bacon Soup

This soup was the  If you are a fan of Campbell's Bean and Bacon soup (which I am.....and sometimes I feel so wrong saying that I love a weird processed meat soup) then this is the soup for you.

The recipe was really really easy to follow and I ended up making only a few substitutions.  One thing I like about Hungry Girl recipes is that they are fast, easy and healthy (ok...I guess that's three things).  I ended up not using an onion and less chicken stock since I wanted a thicker soup.  I also skipped the part about putting half of the soup in the blender to make it creamier.  Since I cut down on the chicken stock, it ended up being pretty creamy just because it had a thicker texture.

KB said this was one of the best soups he'd ever had (and I make soup at least once a week).  This one is definitely a keeper!


  1. I adore Hungry Girl! I am trying her macaroni and cheese this weekend, and can't wait to see if it really is just as creamy as she says :)

    This looks delish!

  2. Ooh that looks amazing! And I too am a giant fan of Campbell's Bean and Bacon - it's not weird. :)

  3. Oh my this looks absolutely wonderful!!!