Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Workout Review: Biggest Loser Cardio Max Weight Loss

You lied Bob Harper!

While the cover would have you believe that this will be the best cardio session of your life, good ole Bob does not deliver.  Most of this DVD consists of strength training with short cardio bursts.  Like most of the Biggest Loser DVDs, this is supposed to be done over 8 weeks.  There are 3 workouts, a warm up and a cool down.

I ended up doing all of the workouts together (it lasts about an hour).  Most of the cardio consists of jumping jacks or jumping rope.  While some of the strength training it good, it mostly is just push ups (gross).

One of the main reasons why I pretty much hated this workout is this lady:

For some reason every time I do a workout with her on it I end up being really mad by the end.  She puts off this vibe of "I'mbetterthanyoubecauseIusedtobefatbutnowI'mbeautiful" I just want to yell at her.  I can't help it I didn't start off weighing 300 lbs.

Rant is over now....


  1. What is wrong with that girl's feet!? They look very odd.

  2. She may be beautiful but she still has terrible taste in shoes.