Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

Join Carolyn for Thoughts on a Thursday!

  • I'm so ready for Friday!  Even though it's been a short week, it's been pretty busy and I'm ready for it to be over.
  • I go to the beach in 16 days!  I'm so ready for a vacation and to get some sun.
  • My company is hosting a spa day for us next Wednesday.  I'm getting a facial, manicure and pedicure.  I'm looking around for some good nail colors.
  • After seeing DSS's birthday post, I'm seriously wanting some rice krispie treats.  I need to find some good recipes that aren't too time consuming.
  • KB (and almost all of my office) is running in a 5K tomorrow.  My company is running in the same race, but I gladly volunteered to stay behind and work.  I don't do 5Ks, but I especially don't do them when it's supposed to be 95 degrees.
  • My flowers I planted are still alive.  I've tried to make an effort to keep them watered.  I planted some chive seeds and I think some of them are starting to sprout.  I can't wait until they get big enough for me to actually use them.
What are your thoughts on a Thursday???


  1. Thats so awesome that your company is hosting a spa day. Mine would never do that. I went to get a pedicure here the other day - for the first time, when gas was cheaper I was just driving back to Michigan for my pedicure. Well the place which was "high class" was gross - not to mention they only had reds so I now have to bring my own polish with me lol.


  2. This week has definitely been a looooooooong one! I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend!