Sunday, October 23, 2011

Menu Sunday

Here's what we'll be eating this week.....

Mon: Chicken Bundles

These look really good and really easy.  I love anything that involves a pastry crust so I'm pretty sure even if the filling isn't that great I'll still like them.

Tues: Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

It's no secret that I love my Crock Pot in a major way.  KB and I also love chili in a major way.  There's no way we can lose with this recipe.

Wed: Roasted Red Pepper and Basil Penne Pasta

I have a random jar of roasted red peppers that I bought for another recipe but never used just hanging out in my pantry.  This recipe looks so creamy and delicious and will use up some random stuff I need to off load.  Win!

Thurs: Cheesy Corn Casserole

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Frozen corn was on sale at the grocery store this week so we'll be having it quite a bit.  I also ended up getting the "Spicy Buffalo" Velveeta by mistake.  I didn't even know they made that flavor, so this could be a little spicier than I thought.

What will you be eating this week???


  1. All that sounds amazing! I'm sitting here planning out my menu to get motivation to go to the grocery store....ugh.

  2. Yum! Everything looks so good for the week! Especially the crockpot chicken chili!


  3. Ummmm....YUMMY!!!!! Those chicken bundles look A-MA-ZING. I am taking down that recipe now.

    I promise you will love the Taco Chili. TEN said to me, "T, I do believe that is my favorite thing that you have ever cooked". Pinky swea :)

    I think I'd better take down that past recipe too!

  4. i am coming over to your house for dinner this week all those meals look outstanding!! let me know what your favorite was oh yummy! i just had lunch and already find myself hungry

  5. My mom made a corn casserole this past weekend that sounds a lot like this one, it was really good. And you've started something...I decided I had to do my nails too - but a Halloween version! A very dark purple with one orange :)