Monday, October 24, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

I hadn't thought about the glory that is Chris Pontius of SteveO for a really long time until I was bumming around NetFlix and saw that every episode of WildBoyz ever made was on instant stream.  We watched the entire first season yesterday.  Something about the way Chris Pontius laughs and the way SteveO screams like a little school girl makes me laugh so hard that I lose control.   This is totally worth the $16 rip off that is NetFlix now.


  1. netflix stock is dropping continuously. i heart wildboyz. a lot.

  2. i laughed just looking at the picture.

  3. omg I've watched this show once with the hubs and i almost threw up!! they do sooo many nasty stuff!! And i watched the movie! actually im not sure its their movie. Jackass! well I swear i threw up in my mouth! LOL

    Happy Tuesday!