Sunday, November 27, 2011

Menu Sunday

Thanksgiving is over and we're back to our normal eating routine.  This is what we'll be having this week:

Mon: Chicken Parmesan Bake

KB loves chicken parmesan, but I'm not a big fan.  It's always too saucy and seems weird and gooey.  I'm hoping the croutons in this one will make it crispier instead of nasty.

Tues: Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli

I really like Asian buffet food, but I can't really eat at them because I always end up with a major headache afterwards.  No cheesy Asian buffet is really worth it in my opinion.  I try to recreate the Asian buffet dishes and most of the time fail.  This one looks pretty easy and I'm going to load up on the broccoli since it's my favorite part.

Wed: Frittata with Pepperoni and Basil

I really love frittatas and egg casseroles.  They are easy to make and they taste really good even at dinner time.  I still have some left over pepperoni from a few weeks ago (I hope it's still good....that stuff doesn't really go bad, does it?) and I needed something to use it up.  The recipe calls for fennel seeds, but I really hate fennel, so mine will just be pepperoni and basil.

Thurs: Crock Pot Honey Lentils

I am really excited about these.  I'm a big lentil fan and the honey sounds really good.  KB saw me looking at these yesterday and is already not a big fan, but he'll make do....or eat a frozen pizza.

What goodies are you cooking this week???

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  1. Oh my word everything you are making this week sounds delicious. I am not sure what I am making this week. I am solo so it'll probably be a lot of soup haha. xo