Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

It's time for my thoughts on a Thursday!

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  • It's finally starting to really feel like winter here in a BIG way and I've been living in these recently...
Just like LL Bean said....they are wicked good.

  • I'm so behind on my Christmas shopping.  I haven't bought anybody anything.  I at least sort of have a list, but it's stressing me out that I don't have anything.  I'm thinking about hitting up the mall really early on Saturday to get most of it knocked out.
  • I really wanted to watch the premiere of this earlier in the week.  Unfortunately I didn't make it until 10:00.  Story of my life.  Was it good?

  • The Brown household has been on a major winning streak recently.  Thanks to Meg and Bon Bon Rose I've won some good giveaways.  I won an award at work that came with a $50 Amazon gift card and today KB won an award at his work that had $100 cash.  Go us!
What are your thoughts this Thursday???

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