Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

I've got lots of random things banging around my head today.  Enjoy!

I got a fun little target beauty goodie bag in the mail this week.  Mine looks like this:

So far I haven't used anything but I want to try out the Simple face wipes first.  I got a sample of Simple face wash a while ago and it works really well.  At this point I have enough beauty samples to probably last me for a year or two.

All of our flowers in our yard are blooming!  My irises, peonies and roses are starting to bloom.  The yard is still a mess so it's kind of weird to see all the flowers peeping out from the weeds and brush.  If I was really crafty I'd turn my peonies into a beautiful bouquet like this.  Too bad I'm not crafty.

Source: via May on Pinterest

Keeping up with the other wholesome TV shows that I watch, I've been checking out My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.  These people are in the foothills of WV and VA.  That is not that far from where we live.  We could have American gypsies right here!  The next time I see a trashy looking teenager getting her nails done in Wal-Mart I will mos def be on the lookout for a TLC crew.

I'm thinking of recreating mine and KB's wedding photos.  Get ready.

What are your thoughts on a Thursday?