Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Second Thought

After posting about my original New Year's goals and seeing every one else's goals, I came up with a couple more. So far so good on working out in the morning (I seriously feel amazing pretty much all day), so hopefully I can make these stick too.

Eat at least one salad per week.

On Monday I made a huge salad for dinner and it was amazing. I also had enough leftover to have salads for lunch most of the week. I want to try to branch out my salads and get some crazy ones in there. I just never really think about salad as a dinner food, but when you load it up with all kinds of good stuff it's really filling. I've been browsing around Pinterest for a while. These look particularly delicious:

Clean everyday.

Right now I don't really clean during the week besides the regular "put something back after you are done with it". I save up all of my cleaning for the weekends, but then sometimes it feels like I waste a whole Saturday with just cleaning. I need to get better about cleaning a little bit everyday. I've seen a bunch of cleaning "schedules" around, but I'm not sure I could stick with them. I need to just do it!

Drink/make more smoothies.

After working out yesterday morning for the first time I really wanted a smoothie. I was really hot and eating regular food didn't really sound good to me. I made one up with some frozen strawberries, regular oatmeal, milk and greek yogurt. It was amazing! I want to try to expand my smoothie aresenal for breakfast. These also look especially delicious:

Any extra resolutions on your part? I'm hoping I can stick to at least a few of these.


  1. that's a lot of amazings. i made an orange smoothie the other day that was good.

  2. i am with you on the salad is not supper food. but whenever i make one (which i fill with meat) it is always so good, and i think why don't i make more salads? i will join you in this quest. post recipes that you have found delicious.

    i am also trying to clean more during the week. mainly keeping up with the dishes on an as close to daily basis as possible. we don't have a dishwasher so dishes pile up SO FAST. i did ours from lastnight first thing this morning and felt productive.

    i have come to love a smoothie. i made a tasty, yet not very smooth smoothie this morning consisting of: i fixed regular instant oatmeal like i normally would and added peanut butter milk and walnuts. apples, one banana, a couple pieces of beets, some black & blueberries although not very many b/c i'm stingy, cucumbers, carrots, kale, spinach and chia seeds. i blended all that up and added some pomegranate/berry juice (that is low in sugar) and water to thin it out. it was pretty tasty and filling. i need to simplify my recipe and just make different flavors on different days.

  3. longest comment ever.